Thursday Thirteen: Things I’m Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving, and I’m blogging! So here are thirteen things I’m Thankful for…

  1. My parents. I have some of the most fantastic, supportive parents a girl can have. Though they are very much conservative and a certain way, they’ve never once tried to make me anything but who and what I am. Not everyone has that.
  2. My entire family. It never occured to them to tell me I was weird, and by the time I learned I was, I didn’t care. It was who I was.
  3. My faith. I don’t bring it into the conversation often, but it’s supported me and given me answers when I really needed it.
  4. My job. I have a fantastic job that supports me doing things outside of work.
  5. The military, who keeps this country free and protected.
  6. Freedom. I live in a country where different is okay, and if we don’t agree, well, that’s okay too.
  7. NHL. Thank god there wasn’t an NHL lockout this year. I <3 hockey.
  8. Every author I’ve read. Books and exercising my imagination has made my life more interesting.
  9. My CPs. Because of them and their constant encouragement, I am where I am today as a writer.
  10. That I didn’t get a house. It’s a weird thing to be thankful for, but I think now in hindsight it’s a good thing.
  11. My life. Growing up I never realized that it was exciting or different, even now I still get deluded into thinking I have a boring life.
  12. The next blank page. That’s a weird thing to be thankful for, but I am. Every blank page is a story I can tell.
  13. My current and future readers. You’ve made this dream possible.

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