Thursday Thirteen: Snippets from Flirting with Rescue

Today I’m going to be giving thirteen brief snippets of my latest release, Flirting with Rescue, which released yesterday. Enjoy! 1. Before Cody could interject that she was there for Grandpa G, Mr. Tall, Exotic and Sexy himself stepped into view. He wore dirty jeans and a City of Rochdale Read More

Thursday Thirteen: Things I still need to acomplish to be ready for Christmas

 StuffSSdsdfgestsWhoever thought me moving in November was a good idea, wasn’t very smart. I have yet to recover from that experience, and now Christmas is here! I’m so unprepared it’s not funny. Put up Christmas lights. Write a Christmas letter. The first two years I lived on my own, I Read More

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Cool Things about the B&N Tablet

So after my last ereader, Frankie, died a terrible, horrible, dramatic death, I’ve been ereaderless. I thankfully got the full retail value of my ereader on a gift card because I bought a warranty. You can hear the full scoop on this previous blog. Anyways! I opted to wait a Read More

Thursday Thirteen: Making #NaNoWriMo Work for Me

This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series NaNoWriMo 2011

 ThirtThirtee  Thirteen Things to Make NaNoWriMo Work for Me Plot – I’m a tried and true planner. I must plan out my plot or else I will spend hour upon hour floundering. So, I must start NaNo with a plot, with a story I want to tell, or else I Read More