Thursday Thirteen: Bucket List Things

So I didn’t do a big new year’s resolutions or goals thing last week because I didn’t know what to say. I started to write down thirteen things I wanted to do this year, but some of them are boring or very personal, so I decided that instead I would things I want to do or accomplish in my life.

  1. Publish more books. I love writing, it’s something I enjoy and I want to keep doing.
  2. Shark diving. I really, really, really think sharks are fascinating. I’d like to get my diving license and go diving with sharks some day.
  3. Hike up a mountain. Or at least the peak of one.
  4. Visit South America.
  5. Vacation at either the North or South Pole.
  6. Ski in a foreign country.
  7. Live in Russia (again).
  8. Eat at a dive in Asia.
  9. Donate a substantial sum to a charity I support.
  10. Go to stunt double school.
  11. Attend Spy Camp.
  12. Be able to hire someone to do stuff I don’t want to do.
  13. Employ a housekeeper.


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