Thursday Thirteen: 13 Cool Things about the B&N Tablet

So after my last ereader, Frankie, died a terrible, horrible, dramatic death, I’ve been ereaderless. I thankfully got the full retail value of my ereader on a gift card because I bought a warranty. You can hear the full scoop on this previous blog. Anyways! I opted to wait a few weeks and get the new B&N tablet, for nothing. Why the Nook tablet, you ask? Well, I realized after a while that while I loved my Sony, the company isn’t really about authors or readers. There’s nothing wrong with the Sony, but the Nook is the creation of a bookstore chain and focuses on readers. Supporting them is supporting the industry. In my warped mind it makes total sense, I swear. So, here are thirteen things I like about my Nook Tablet.

  1. It read my Sony DRM books with no issues. This probably has something to do with using Calibre in tandem with the Nook, but this was a big concern of mine. While I buy a lot of books via smaller pubs and epresses that don’t DRM lock their content, a lot of my more well known authors I bought via the Sony store.
  2. Super crisp screen. I know a lot of people don’t like the LDC screens, but it doesn’t bother me. The screen on my Nook is super bright and awesome.
  3. Progress bar! One of the things that always annoyed me was having to calcuate the % of how far I was in a book. With the Nook, it tells me that I’ve read 38% of the book, and thus saves my anemic math muscles from having to actually do something.
  4. Apps! There are a lot of apps avalible via the B&N store.
  5. You CAN do side loaded content. Learning how to do this is my next step.
  6. Cool covers. I’ve never had the option of getting cool, designer covers before. I have a nifty Jonathan Adler one. Not that I know who that is, but the cover is nifty and BLUE!
  7. Being able to see a heckofalotof tweets at once on my twitter app.
  8. WiFi capability that lets me connect almost anywhere to download more books.
  9. Magazines. Oh my god, being able to read them, in color, full spread on the Nook is fantastic!
  10. Functions within reading. I can change the orientation, text size, bookmark things. It’s a lot of nifty bells and whistles I don’t know if I’ll always use, but are nice to have when reading non-fiction.
  11. The size! My Sony was very light, which made up for the awkward length of it. I was a little worried about the weight of the tablet, but thus far it hasn’t bothered me sitting for long periods of time holding it.
  12. Reusing the same design means there are a lot of cases, skins, screen protectors and accessories readily avalible and compatible with the device.
  13. Being able to download things from my email via the tablet and read them instantly.

I’m not blind that there are improvements that could be made to the tablet, but I’m super happy with my purchase!


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