Thursday Thirteen: Hotties, because sometimes you just need some eye candy

So since I’ve had such a hectic week, and been working on a side project with tattoos, here are thirteen hotties, most of whom have some pretty nice ink.

I’m not a huge fan of cross tattoos, but I’m fascinated by this one. I’d love a closer look….

The glasses and tattoos combo does it for me, not going to lie.

No idea if he has any ink because I can’t drag my eyes away from that ass!

I don’t understand the current fad to pierce one nipple. I’m not sure if I want it to be explained. I’ll amuse myself by staring at his tattoos. And that smile.

Interesting fashion choices.

Oh hello, did you forget to tell me you loved me?

I think Asian people are beautiful, but I don’t always find them sexy. This dude? Sexy.

Dude in the kitchen? Doing dishes? I swoon!

Okay, no tattoos, but I have a thing for beardies, toss in the tight ass and I say, yes please.


This guy’s eyes are amazing. I’m not entirely in love with his ink, but it’s his, not mine and that’s cool. He’s still pretty.

I really like the colors of his sleeves.

I’m really digging this guys traditional tattoos. Some of my favorite ones too!

This guys eyes are mesmerizing!

Hope you’re having an awesome day. I know mine will be better.

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