Thursday Thirteen: Traveling

So, I’m currently in Florida for my day job’s yearly holiday get together. Be jealous, I’m probably hanging out by the pool sipping cocktails. My day job rocks. But, that aside, I’m going to go through thirteen tips for traveling. Some of these are kinda duh things, but it’s always good to say them, ya know? So, here’s thirteen things I’ve used for my big Florida trip!

  1. Cary cash. I’m not a cash carrier, and most of the time I don’t have a dollar bill on me, but when you’re traveling there are situations where it’s easier to shell out cold, hard cash than swiping the card. Some of these are when you use a taxi, when you need to tip someone or even buying out of a vending machine. Carry cash, even if it’s just $20.
  2. Get there early. I don’t think you have to get there two hours early, but an hour early is good. This way you can check in, scope out your gate and do a little browsing before you’re crammed on a plane.
  3. Slip on shoes. Yes, wear them for security, because most airports will make you take your shoes off if you aren’t a VIP member. But also because if you’re going to be on a long flight it’s nice to slip the shoes off for a bit.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. Not your pajamas people, this is public, but if it’s tight, constricting or a nonbreathing fabric, it’s going to be uncomfortable.
  5. Reserve your seat in advance if you can. I’m a little bit claustrophobic at times. I prefer an aisle seat because it gives that idea of openness on one side. Sure, sitting by the window can be fun, but clouds are clouds and I’ve seen enough landings and take off’s.
  6. Wet wipes. I have to shower as soon as I get to my destination. Something about the recycled air on a plane makes me feel icky. However, it’s not always possible. Wet wipes can help give you that refresher. Also? If your feet smell and you want to go shoeless for a bit, you can wipe them down.
  7. A snack. With airlines not providing food as often, and airports hiking prices everywhere, it’s smart to carry a plastic baggie of snack foods. Something that can’t be smashed. Nuts and dried fruit are my favorites.
  8. Roll your clothes. For some reason, I can pack a lot more into a suitcase if I roll the clothes instead of folding them. Don’t ask me why, but it’s worked.
  9. Bag everything. I know that this sounds tacky, but bag the liquids, bag the clothes if you can, bag everything! I’ve had stuff in my bag ruined from liquids in other bags bursting.
  10. Cram that carry on as full as you can. If you’re taking a short trip, try to keep everything in a carry on. A trip of three or four days can fit in a small suite case and spare you the cost of checking a bigger bag.
  11. A book, your ereader, a laptop or an ipod are necessary.  Unless you like spacing out and looking at nothing while you fly. I like having my ereader and ipod. With those two I can while away the hours happily on a layover or in the air.
  12. Pack a good attitude. Traveling is crazy, hectic and often problematic. You’re dealing with people and a smile and a thank you will get you a lot farther than a temper tantrum.

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