Getting on the right track.

Dear Reader,

I meant to post this over the weekend, but par the course, things got away from me. These last two weeks have been a bit nutty. I took a week off blogging because of my uncle’s passing. It was a lovely ceremony, and I got to see a lot of family I don’t normally interact with. Even met some cousins that I’d never met before, that were really excited about my book and bought it while we were standing there. Talk about warm fuzzy feelings and embarassment!

If you’ve been around me on twitter, you’ve probably seen that this last week my sister was also in the hospital. She went in, I kid you not, the same day as my uncle’s funeral. She’s not related to my uncle, so she was not in attendance. I believe that she spent six days in the hospital before being released with an asthma diagnosis.

All of this has worn me out a little. I’m hoping that February will be a change for the better. Here’s to starting off a week well, right? I’m ready for 2012 to get on the right track!


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