Thursday Thirteen: Procrastination

I’m kind of dying in the editing loop of trying to get three books out of the door by the end of March. They all have different deadlines, but it sounds much more dramatic if I say it that way, doesn’t it? So in honor of those deadlines I’m currently ignoring, why don’t I tell you how I procrastinate?

  1. Blog. I mean, it’s promo, right? It’s not really procrastination. It’s working on the bigger picture here.
  2. Twitter. This is so not procrastinating. I’m connecting with readers… and my friends… over TV…
  3. TV. Okay, fine, I have a reality TV addiction. But I only like the stupid reality shows, the ones I can mute and work on my book while it’s on and tables are being flipped.
  4. Email. I’m the email queen. I have daily loops with my friends, chat loops, business stuff.
  5. Shopping. We know I have issues with shoes, cloths aren’t that far behind, but online shopping is a big one.
  6. Chat. I frequent a writer’s chat room, and they’re so interesting, and funny, and wonderful. Super distracting.
  7. Forums. I’m a member of a few forums, and browsing them can eat up hours.
  8. Photo Editing. This one might go away once Picnik is gone, but right now I like messing with them and seeing what else I can do.
  9. Dr Pepper. Um, can you really do anything the first few moments after popping open a fresh Dr Pepper? Nope. Must sit and enjoy.
  10. Cleaning. Okay, so I haven’t done this one lately, but it has in the past been a great procrastination tool. I could really use this one, honestly. I have yet to fully unpack my apartment.
  11. Website. I can always fall into the black hole of tweaking stuff, finding new plugins and trying to make it visually more appealing.
  12. Other Social Media. I don’t Facebook much, but if I roll up the time I spend there, and a few other SM sites, it adds up. But it’s promo, right?
  13. Cooking. Especially when I get the baking bug, this eats up time.

Okay, so now that I’ve taken up some more time, I’ll get back to edits. Wish me luck!

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