Teaser Tuesday: Dawn and The Soul of Primal Hunger

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday! This week I’m hosting a fellow Romance Diva and Ellora’s Cave author, Dawn Montgomery. You can find out more about her at any one of the following links:

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The Soul of Primal Hunger

Sidney, thank you so much for having me today! It’s an honor to a part of your Teaser Tuesday! Sometimes a character comes to you fully formed. In the case of Primal Hunger, Prince Azros was just such a character. I saw his tiger stripes and fangy grin. His crash landing on a terraforming planet. And the way he’d protect a woman with his life.

Hot. Sizzling. Searing. Overwhelming sexual hunger. Imagine not eating for weeks and a bounty of succulent meats, cheeses, fruits, etc. are spread out before you.

You would lose your mind, wouldn’t you?

At the start of Primal Hunger, Prince Azros of the Valorian people is trapped on a terraforming planet. His captors had filled his body with a drug that triggered a mating hunger. One that is almost unstoppable. For Azros, he mates or goes feral.

Enter Kendra St. Thomas.

Azros needed a woman that could match him in every way. Strength, endurance, instinct for survival. She’s everything he needs in a mate…there’s just one problem…she might just be the enemy.

Their first introduction is explosive and devastating for them both. What follows is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue, survival, passion, and pulse-pounding adventure.

Here’s an excerpt from Primal Hunger. Enjoy!

Prince Azros drew in a slow breath. His lungs burned from smoke and fate knew what else. The stench of blood and scorched metal left an acrid tang on the back of his tongue. He released the safety harness and dropped to what was left of the deck.

His eyes watered from the combination of heat and smoke. He put a torn sleeve to his mouth and nose to block the worst of it. A waft of cool air came toward him and with his free arm forward, he blindly stumbled toward it. His gloved hand reached something and he squinted. The chassis had been ripped open. Shock and nausea warred with the need to get out of the still-burning escape pod. It was a miracle he survived the crash. With a pang he thought of the others, praying to the fates for a way to set them free.

He pushed through the gaping hole. Wheezing coughs shook his chest. The raw taste of rotting vegetation and stagnant water permeated through the coughs. Breathable, precious air sucked into his abused lungs. He dragged off his gloves and let them drop to the ground.

Azros moved from the burn path to a crop of vegetation. A piercing side pain broke through the adrenaline rush and he pressed a palm against the exposed skin. His fingers touched something warm and sticky.Blood.

A sudden cold shiver ran down his spine and he clenched his teeth. A red haze formed over his sight. Not again. Sweat pearled on his forehead and his pulse hammered. He swiped his face against his forearm. The episodes were growing worse. On his home planet, his people would have rejoiced at this…his coming of age. The second rise of a Valorian Prime. Lousy fucking timing. There would be no home to go back to, and no woman who would understand his needs, the bond. Nothing left but slavery for his people. He had to get word to home. His vision cleared after a moment.

A smoke-roughened chuckle ended in gut-wrenching coughs. Through the haze of his escape only one thought had pushed him to endure…the Sheon heir would never take a Valorian mate. He had escaped a forced mating, but now he was suffering from an early rise. The burning need to possess would grow until he became mad with it, and fates help anyone who tried to stop him.

Lucky for his people, his Sheon captor hadn’t known the significance of his tiger striping to the Valorian race. Only a fool would have let the blood prince out of her sight.

“We have a survivor!” a strong female voice carried to his ears.

He clenched his jaw and the corded muscles along his body responded with instant feline awareness. A woman to possess. He grew hard and ready, inhaling the surrounding scents. Smoke and fire had dampened his senses. Mine. Take. Want. “Don’t come any closer,” he bellowed, hoping the female would stay back. For both their sakes.

“He’s hurt. Look at his side.” She ignored his warning, climbing down an embankment to him. “We are rescuers. Your ship showed up on our sensors.” The voice held a snap of command.

He glared at the approaching female. Two others followed. The smallest one was curved and purposeful in her stride. Confident. Obviously female, and a bit too short for his taste. The one who spoke stepped in front of the little one and caressed the grip of a holstered weapon. He inhaled again, trying to make out the others’ intentions. Two females. A male. He growled low in his throat. The third part of the group lagging behind was male.

“Whoa there, tiger. We’re not here to hurt you.” The smaller female looked up at her companions. “Do you think our translators are working right?”

“Look at his tattoos. I’ve never seen anything like it.” The male’s voice triggered territorial anger. Mine! He bared his teeth, shaking with the need to fight.

“Cut the chatter, people. We have plenty of time to speculate after we get to safety. Too many delays already.” The taller female tilted her head, as though judging him.

Her voice cut through the rage. Azros glared at the speaker. She was decked in the same suit as the others, but carried herself with a cloak of command. A belt held enough firepower to escape the Sheons twice over. Her hand twitched on the butt of her weapon.

That shouldn’t have turned him on, but it did. He grimaced. “You’re not safe here. Go.” His voice was raw with smoke and tightly reined lust.

She shrugged and the field pack she wore slid to a more solid position. “Look. I’m guessing you’ve got a story, and I’d love to hear all about it over some kaffe. We, however, have less than twenty minutes to get to safety before all of us, including your ship, become slime food.”

She again blocked the forward movement of the small female, and he grinned at the protective gesture. The fates had provided him with a formidable opponent, one who could possibly survive his aggression. Not one of his kind, however, so perhaps the mating wouldn’t be permanent. A part of him didn’t want to take the chance, but in his mind it was a hollow suggestion. He was reaching the limits of his control…and that was just unacceptable. Heat blazed down his spine.

He moved, faster than the human eye could follow, and had the female up against a metal plate before she could cry out. “You need to leave here. Now.” Her gasp weakened his control. He could make her cry out, beg in lust, and need. With an iron will Azros reined in his near-overwhelming reaction. By the widening of her eyes, he could tell she was more than aware of how hard he was. A slight change in her scent told him she wasn’t opposed to it either. He blocked an expert kick, and slammed her back against the plate.


An explosion rocked the site, blasting them with heat and pressure. Instinct had him taking their impact and rolling her away from the heat, shielding her from the worst of it. Her face shield had cracked and her scent was clear and distinct. Fresh soap, sweat and a sweet aroma that reminded him of the females from home. This close, he could make out soft gray eyes and red hair. He was always partial to gingers.

Her eyes turned iron-gray in a glare that would have burned any other man where he stood. Azros grinned. She would be perfect.

A punch to the jaw jerked his head. A second hit to his already wounded side clenched his gut in agony. Pain clouded his vision and she was out from under him before he could catch his breath. The hell with perfect. She was feral!

She grabbed him by the collar and jerked him against her so that only the cracked shield stood between them. “We don’t have time for this shit! Now listen to me. I am not going to die out here, and neither are you, so if we don’t move our asses, you’ll make a liar out of me. And I never lie.”

Thank you, Sidney! And thank you all for stopping by today.

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Dawn Montgomery


Dawn loves to write almost as much as she loves to read. She has traveled the world twice over. While her days were filled with long hours and hard work, her nights were left for dark, lustful fantasies in and out of strange hotels and cities.

Alaska and Texas are the places she calls home. She recently moved from the frigid North to Texas with her family and neurotic dog. It was tragic to leave behind the moose and bear for wide open plains and sexy cowboys.

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