Flirty Fridays: In case you missed the song and dance.

So my friend Suzan and I have decided that Fridays are going to be about our online dating communications. Be prepared for a little snark, a lot of sarcasm and no exposing of identities.

I don’t respond to all of the messages I get. Some of them I would be an idiot to reply to. Some of them aren’t worth the time it would take to hit reply. And some of them it’s a decision of safety, when I think someone might not be a person I would want to go meet in public. With this set up, here’s this week’s installment of dating snark.

Because if I didn’t respond the first time, the second’s a charm!

What was his first email? I have no idea. I deleted it for some reason I can’t tell you, and I’m sticking with that decision. As women, we need to be cautious with who we go out with, and aware of our safety. I don’t question my gut instinct, because it’s right.

This message in particular tells me that this guy is manipulative. He’s pretending that he’s so beneath me, that I might not notice him at first. I couldn’t possibly be busy, haven’t looked at the messages or anything else — which does happen. But, he wants to guilt me into replying because I haven’t already and he’s still there.

For whatever reason I deleted his initial message, and reading this, it was the right decision. I don’t stomach manipulative guys, and we would not have clicked.

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