Easter Egg Hunt Winners!


Thank you to Read 2 Review and all of the people who have taken part in the Easter Egg Hunt Blog Hop. On March 29th I posted my portion of the contest, and offered 3 prizes. The winners of those prizes are:

A copy of my book, Flirting with Rescue:

Keri Ford

PEEPS. all the way. no questions asked. bonus–my husband doesn’t eat them so I don’t even have to share!

Little Lamb Lost

That really is a tough question but I guess for me, it is all about the chocolate bunny. I like the ones of solid chocolate and though they are not likely to be big, they are wonderfully satisfying to nibble.


The winner of the copy of Flirting with Rescue & a $20 B&N card:

Jennifer Mathis

caramel cadbury eggs

Thank you everyone! Winners, I will be emailing you shortly.

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