Guest Post: Vanity, thy name is woman, with Ju Dimello

Today I have my twitter buddy Ju Dimello here chatting with us about her latest Ellora’s Cave release, Fiery Icicle. You can catch up with her at any of these venues: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Vanity, thy name is woman

Actually though Shakespeare didn’t write anything about Vanity, that particular statement kinda describes women perfectly. I <3 all things girly! I love window-shopping more often than not and don’t even remind me of those dog-eared pages in the magazines I get my hands on J

From lingerie to jewels, not to forget clothes and footwear, anything / everything captures my attention… And the fun part of writing a story is that, we get to play dress-up with characters (instead of Barbie dolls) 😀 Though my characters are paranormal, that doesn’t make them any different when it comes to clothing. And the perks? I spend hours surfing the internet to find something appropriate for them to wear 😉

Though majority of the times the heroes do look yummy with just a pair of jeans and T-shirt and prefer the heroine to wear minimal stuffs or better yet, nothing at all ;), the onus is on my head (or I consider it so) to ensure the heroine wears enough to tempt and taunt the hero 😉 I love me some smoldering seduction game, especially in books. How about you?

I thought I’d share a short version of the blurb and excerpt of Fiery Icicle, my debut release, while a longer one can be enjoyed at :


Madeline is hoping the lust she shares with half-fae Zach will soon turn into something more permanent. Until Nathanial comes along, claiming to be her appointed guardian, only to strip her veneer of civility with blatant sexuality. In a race against time across the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland to join Zach, they face not only a threat to their lives, but also a dangerous whirlpool of forbidden emotions.

Zach considers himself the luckiest fae to have Madeline in his life. They scorch the sheets when they’re together, but when she comes to him wearing the scent of Nathanial, all bets are off. And when Madeline finds out about the unique bond Zach and Nathanial share, it may drive her away from both forever.


He tugged the band restraining her silken strawberry-blonde curls, nipping her lower lip before sucking on it. His pulse soared when she moaned and opened her mouth for a searing kiss.

Nothing else mattered except the moment. All of a sudden, she stiffened and squirmed. He held her tighter when she abruptly shoved his chest and reared back.

“Zach, we…” She trailed off, glancing around, appearing as bereft as he at the loss of contact. Her tousled hair, plump lips and glazed eyes made her seem like a woman well loved, and he hadn’t even started yet.

“Need this,” he finished, reaching for her.

She gave in, nails digging into his shoulders, their ragged breaths mingling as one. Her fiery curls surrounded them in a shining halo, filtering most of the fluorescent light. He ran a finger down the enticing column of her throat as she bent over him. Her cleavage enticed him to near madness. He wanted to bury his face in the beckoning temptation nestled amidst the glinting jewel of her halter-top.

He leaned forward in a sensual haze, but then the pilot’s voice over the speakers registered in his addled mind. He couldn’t ravish her in the middle of an airport, though his primal instincts screamed otherwise.

Of course the halter top must be pink 😉 What do you say? I’d love to hear from you! Come find me at the following places. Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

You can purchase Fiery Icicle at any of these sites: EC website, Amazon, ARe


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