The cats.

I haven’t really talked about my cats much lately, unless you follow me on twitter and then I subjugate people to constant cat pictures. I think we’ve all settled in with one another. Each other. Whatever.

Sorry, had to take a quick break. Yoshi showed up and wanted to snuggle. Where was I? Ah, settling in…

During the first week the boys were with me, they did a lot of hanging out behind the couch, or in the hidey hole next to the couch. I think they’ve been back there all of once since then. They’re most at home either on the window perch I bought at the pet store, on the couch or around my desk. They still haven’t figured out that the kitchen counters are not allowed.

In the first week that I had the boys, a big problem was the spraying. I understand cats moving into a new place want to mark their territory. I couldn’t abide by it, so I got some pheromone diffusers. This has eliminated all spraying, and I didn’t even get the expensive version.

The continuing issue is vomiting. I give the boys hairball cream, and they’ve had hairball baths. Their food is supposed to cut down hairballs. Yet we still vomit. I’m going to pick up a new cat food this week to see if it makes a difference, because I have no idea what to do. It’s sad, because I hate to think that they are experiencing discomfort. It’s kinda bumming me out, because until I can trust them to not vomit on everything, I’m also not allowing them in the bedroom. They’ve been in there a few times, but not unsupervised. I’m just not neat enough to keep the floor picked up so that I’m comfortable with them in there.

We’re learning how to manage kitty cuddles and writing. Mario demands I drop everything to pet him. Yoshi will lay across my arms and let me keep working. They have such distinct personalities. In the beginning I thought Yoshi would be the weird cat, but he’s pretty normal. Mario on the other hand, does weird stuff.

There will be more badly drawn cat comics in the future. Things have been hectic lately, and drawing has slipped through the cracks.

Getting cats wasn’t something I planned. It wasn’t thought out. It just happened, and I’m happy. I say that, but ask me what I’m thinking while I’m cleaning up more vomit!!!

4 thoughts on “The cats.

  1. Voirey Linger says:

    it’s that thick Maine Coon coat. Look for an undercoat comb or rake. it will be a broad-toothed metal comb. Use that on their coats as much as you can to get rid of the extra hair.

    The boys are beautiful. Give them some ear rubs for me.

    • Sidney says:

      I got a really great fur rake. We’re doing that about every other day right now, because I forget to do it every day. They practically bring it to me, LoL. I am considering buying one of the expensive deshedding razor rakes, but it’s like $60.
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