Guest Blog: A Cowboy by any other name? A Gentleman!

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Today I have the lovely Cerise DeLand joining us to chat about men, cowboys and manners. As a fellow Texan, I’d like to tip my hat to her for appreciating the God’s gift to women that is a true Texas Cowboy.

While tough talkin’ Texans seem to fit the cliché for cowboys, another set of generalities is really the truth.

These tough men are tender, funny and gentlemen.

How do I know this?

Well, I live here. Have for nearly 17 years and I hail from the East Coast where the men are different.

So, lemme just say, that Texas men are a big change from the guys in the suits in major cities. How so? For openers, Texas men open doors for women. Yes. Car doors. Restaurant doors. Even gym doors. They rush—did I say, rush?—to do that?

Dear Reader, they do.

What else?

They do wear hats. Big broad brimmed hats. Why? Cuz cowboys work in the hot, smoldering, scorching, bejeezus-it-is-blistering sun. But they wear their hats with fine style. Favored are Stetsons, but Gamblers and … make a hit. And in the good ol’ summertime, Resistols in white are charmers.

They take their hats off in church, but most often not in bars. On Friday or Saturday nights, they leave them on in the dance halls too. Yum yum yum. Helps them dance better. Why?

Balances out the broad shoulders.



Back to business. Cowboys here in Texas have the gift of gab. I have never, and I do mean NEVER, met a man here who did not want to tell you about his cattle, his truck, his gun, his dog and his wife/honey/girlfriends. They are as my father used to say, vaccinated with graphophone needles! Why?

Because until recently, most folks in Texas never saw another living soul except on Sunday at church. Or Saturday night at the local Bend-Your-Elbow Saloon. So talk might be cheap, but it is plentiful, baby, when you have the chance to use it!

Most striking thing of all about Texas men is that they are downright funny. Have a sample of phrases I have heard coming from the mouths of these men:

A man who is a skirt chaser–The only folks who know he’s married are the ones who were at the wedding! or

Will change everything about you but your name!

Stuck up woman–Uses so many mud packs, she could drain a swamp!

Getting married--holy bedrock.

Bad cook–If she’d been cooking for the Yankees, the South would’ve won the war.

Foolish–Would pick a fight with a skunk.

Hangover–The Baptist bell choir is ringing in your head.

My Texas men in print reflect these funny endearing men!

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Texas Men: The finest males since God created Adam!

5 thoughts on “Guest Blog: A Cowboy by any other name? A Gentleman!

  1. Fedora says:

    LOL! I have got to get myself to Texas, Cerise–sounds like the men there are a class unto themselves in the best ways! Love the expressiveness of those phrases, too! Very clever!

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