Pricked Party: How “Passionate Ink” was born.

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Today Jan Springer joins us for the Pricked Party! She and I shared a release date on Friday, it’s so nice to be in such great company.

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When Ellora’s Cave Publishing put out the call for stories with a tattoo theme, I knew I wanted to write that kind of story, but I had no idea on what the story would be about. Enter “Pinterest”. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you might want to give it a try. It’s free and it’s fun.

Pinterest –

At Pinterest you can create boards where you pin pictures that help to inspire you. I started with a board I called “Tattoo Inspiration” and through friends that I made on the Pinterest network, I found pics with people who had tattoos. Some sea creature tattoos grabbed my attention and I started getting an idea that my hero and heroine would be Octoposeidon shape-shifters; human by day and part-human and part-octopus by night. My shifters would be direct descendants of the God Poseidon.

I continued searching and pinning pictures of the places my hero and heroine would live. Of course they would have to live near the ocean and so I based my story near a California beach. My heroine, Catalina is a tattoo artist who has this insane urge to always be near the ocean. She’s a loner and travels along the United States coastline highways in her huge recreational trailer that has a custom made tattoo parlor inside. Cool eh? She has all the proper licenses to operate her parlor as she travels through the seaside states and she’s not about to give up all she’s worked for. Not for just anybody. To make things even more intriguing she has no clue she is a shifter about to come into her Change…which is the time of life when her human body will start shifting at night.

Enter our hunky hero, Calder, who just happens to smell her succulent scent as she is driving by his marina. He, of course, lives on this really cool houseboat and he needs to find a way to meet this hot chick. So he decides to get himself a tattoo…a very intimate tattoo. When they meet, there is instant wild chemistry and it doesn’t take long for him to realize she has no clue of her ancestry…and “Passionate Ink” was born.

More on “Passionate Ink” – the shape-shifter, tattoo themed erotic romance:

Tattoo artist Catalina Brown falls head-over-orgasms for the stranger who asks for a tentacle tattoo on his…most sensitive body part. Normally mixing business with pleasure isn’t her thing, but he’s a sexual magnet she’s instantly drawn to, particularly after Cat experiences a wicked-hot artistic high while working on him. Her attraction to him seems too good to be true.

Octoposeidon shape shifter Calder Croft catches the female’s succulent scent when she passes his California marina, and he can’t ignore the way she fires his blood. After meeting her, he’s stunned to discover Cat has no idea she’s a shifter about to come into her Change. It takes all his self-control to keep from ravishing the sexy woman right on the spot.

Calder has to tell Cat the truth about her heritage. She’ll either accept her birthright as a shifter-or succumb to madness, forever losing their chance at love.


She entered the hallway and immediately found the bathroom. Sweet mercy! The door to the bathroom was wide open. She stood right there as the water turned off and the misted shower door slid open.

He stepped out of the shower.

Something…a tremble of wicked lust, a shimmer of intense need, whatever it was had her frozen to the spot as her gaze caressed every, solid muscle rippling across his wide chest.

Wow! The man was built just as great on top as beneath his waist. Tanned muscles bulged in his upper arms as he grabbed the dark-brown body towel from the bar just outside the shower door. He hadn’t seen her yet. She could probably make her escape without being noticed, but then she caught sight of his semi-erect cock. Big. Juicy. Long. Oh, a very long cock.

Had she actually tattooed him? Had he really been this big when she’d done him?

Another sweet shiver of awareness coursed through her as she imagined him making love to her. Her cheeks flamed as he froze, his gaze snapping to her face.



“I’m so sorry. I mean… I knocked. I really am so sorry.” He really should wrap that towel around his waist. He didn’t. Oh, yummy man. She should look away at least. She just couldn’t.

“Don’t be sorry.” His voice melted wonderfully over her senses. “I’m actually glad you came…by. I wanted to talk to you about something important.”

The last word was spoken in a deeper tone and he grabbed her full attention. Not that he didn’t already have it. Just now her brain suddenly seemed to be kicking in and overriding her body urges to mate with him.

She blinked in surprise. Mate? Okay, sex. Yeah, she meant sex.

In conclusion

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Passionate Ink – It is also available in Kindle and Nook formats, which can be found at the same link.

I’d like to thank Sidney for asking me to drop by and I hope you guys enjoyed my post. And if you ever decide to join Pinterest, I would love for you to befriend me.

Hugs! And have a great day!!

Jan Springer

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