It’s a Pricked Party!

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Hello Dear Readers!!

You might have noticed me talking about July, my book Under His Skin and the other Ellora’s Cave Pricked books releasing this month. I’ve organized a lot of guest spots with the other authors. So stay tuned for blogs, giveaways and a lot of ink slinging action. If you’re not on my Newsletter, sign up! The box to submit your email is on the left hand side of the page. I’ll be sending out something later this month with an opportunity just for those lucky people.

Now, during the month not everyone posting is strictly a Pricked author. If they have something to do with the series, you’ll be able to tell by the nifty little series guide on the right side of a post. You can see it on this post, and below the link to this post there will be others starting tomorrow when Anya posts, and so forth.

It’s going to be an exciting month! Check out a sneak peak at some of the books in this trailer…

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