Coming Soon: Bound with Pearls!

I’ve been sitting on this news for WEEKS! Okay, not weeks, but it’s been longer than usual. There was so much going on in July I couldn’t add anything else to that hefty agenda, so I’ve been holding off to announce the sell of my BDSM romance novel, Bound with Pearls.

This is a whole new genre for me, and I really love writing kinky. The characters practically wrote themselves, which made branching out so easy and fun. This book will have a follow up, and quite possibly others after that, very losely connected by a BDSM themed poker game night. This book in particular deals with family drama and learning to date after play.

If you’ve read these posts before, you know that for each book I sell I get a charm to add to my Book Bracelet. I need to update the overall picture, probably, but that’s on the back burner for the moment! I’m guilty of buying the charm for Pearls already. I searched for something I thought would fit the book, and found this fresh water pearl on a silver stud. It’s simple and yet perfect to represent this book, since pearls have so much to do with why this story came to be.

I’ve really leaned hard on my criitque partners and author friends where this book is concerned. New genres are intimidating, and especially something like the Taboo genres where there’s a whole culture to represent. Team Awesome, as always, are the best, most supportive cheerleaders I could hope for: Suzan, Carolyn, Ally, Jessica, Linda and Rebekah, I’m sorry for waffling and fretting and being a pain in the butt.

Crystal and Karen, you guys gave me the kick in the pants to keep going. Your input and assurance that this book didn’t suck really mattered.

And to everyone in WriteChat, your enthusiasm and acceptance has been wonderful. This was the first book I wrote in the WriteChat sprints and they kept me coming back!

If you’ve kept up with my blogging, and dear lord I’m sorry if you have. This last month has been blog heavy! But, if you have, and you’ve been reading my Write Reports, you know another book is in the works. That’s all I’ll say! Stay tuned for more information about Bound with Pearls and what comes next!


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