Love Between the Covers Kickstarter Campaign

I’m sharing the following because I think this project could be something great. Please, if you have a moment, think about reading this and chipping in.

Laurie Kahn needs our help to finish the film Love Between the Covers. She just launched a Kickstarter campaign, and if you go to her Kickstarter page  ( you can see a fun video preview of the film.

Love Between the Covers is a documentary film tackling the diversity and wonder of the Romance Community and it’s impact on lives and literature. When the film is finished, it will be broadcast worldwide, seen at film festivals, and used in high school and university classrooms. If this project is completed, it will help change how the world sees the romance community.  So let’s help her make it happen!

This is a really exciting project. Laurie is a wonderful film maker, a winner of primetime EMMY and Peabody awards, who has been collecting footage at romance conferences, doing interviews, talking with folks to get the pre-production made. The lovely thing is she tackles all flavors of romance with no bias and with a real love for the community. Its a film that really needs to be made.

The Kickstarter campaign has a $50,000 goal and a deadline of August 26. That means we have to get at least  $50,000 in pledges by Sunday the 26th (ie in the next 26 days) or we receive NONE of the money that has been pledged! If we raise more than $50,000 by that deadline, we will be allowed to keep EVERYTHING that has been pledged.  So every gift really matters. It’s crucial to mobilize people who want this project to happen in the next few weeks!  I know Laurie would be grateful for any donation you could give, no matter the size.

Love Between the Covers is part of the larger Popular Romance Project, and the footage Laurie and her crew are shooting for Love Between the Covers will also be used at a symposium about the deep roots of popular romance at the Library of Congress, in nationwide library programs about popular romance run by the American Library Association, and at a huge website looking at popular romance across time and cultures.  You can already check out the prototype of that website at – it’s well worth visiting.

The campaign has to raise $50,000 in pledges by Sunday August 26th or she gets NOTHING.  If she raises more than $50,000 by that deadline, she’ll get to keep EVERYTHING that has been pledged.  So every gift really matters. And this is a romance community, we’re hundreds of thousands strong. If everyone pledged a buck, she’d make the goal and then some!

Laurie has asked for $50,000, but she actually needs more than that to complete the film and keep the Popular Romance Project moving forward.  So don’t stop giving if the $50,000 mark is reached!  (She is $200,000 short of what she needs to complete the film, launch it in the world, plan the symposium, and keep alive and growing.)

Now, there’s also perks for pledges: For a pledge of $35, someone who pledges can pre-buy a copy of the film, and also get a credit at the SUPPORTER page of the Popular Romance Project website and a fabulous magnetic bumper sticker. There are other gifts, too.   Laurie is offering a wide range of donor gifts at Kickstarter, including copies of the film, first chapter critiques, a thank-you in the film credits, and tickets to the film premiere.  Project supporters can give as little as $1, or as much as $5,000. For $5,000, Laurie will fly to the donor’s hometown before the film is broadcast for an intimate private film premiere with the donor’s friends/family/readers, where she’ll answer any and all questions!


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