Chatting about the Fur Boys

I haven’t posted about the fur boys in a long time, in part because there’s been so much book stuff going on, and in part because I talk about them a lot on Twitter. But! I’ve had a request to talk about them and do more comics, which I’m sad haven’t been done more often. I do the comics while I’m on hold at work and stuff hasn’t been slow lately.

I believe the last time I posted about the cats I was looking for a new food for them. We’d gone through a few and with each we were having explosive vomits every night from at least one, if not both, of the boys. I tried Wellness, a higher mid priced cat food, looking for something with a higher natural protein content and it worked! They had to switch them over immediately because their last food was so awful on their bellies and the change was seriously night and day.

After such a good experience with the dry food, I bought some wet food to add to their food routine and that was a flaming disaster. The boys ate it, gobbled it down, and immediately vomited eevveerryywwhheerree. It was the most disgusting thing.

I have not had any more joint throwing up episodes with them. I’m hoping that’s in the past.

Resolve is my BFF. The carpet cleaner has a pet formula that I use to clean up the carpet after a vomiting episode. It’s gotten most stains out, though there are some problem areas I’m not sure what to do about. I think I’m going to ask Santa to bring me a spot bot for Christmas!

Overall things with the boys are great. They each have such individual personalities and are so personable and cuddly, I couldn’t have asked for better cats. All the negative nellies who can’t believe I got ten year old cats haven’t met them, because they’re fantastic. If I have a year with them or ten, it’s worth it.

One thought on “Chatting about the Fur Boys

  1. Carolyn says:

    I have a spot bot… I just need to come over tomorrow, haul it with me, see the boys.

    And yup! Those two sure don’t act like they are ten years old, either! I could hug you for that last line!!!

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