Six Sentence Sunday: Dream Vacation part 3

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 Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday!

This week I’m sharing from my short story, Dream Vacation, which is part of the Turquoise Morning Press anthology, Foreign Affairs. This book is now out in digital and print!

My contribution to the anthology is the story of online friends discovering they’ve each been holding a torch for the other for quite a while. They met on a weight loss forum years ago and have been each other’s cheer leader. Since the theme of the book is hot foreign men, it only seemed right that my hero, Luc, was from Paris.

Luc has been admiring Naomi, which she takes as meaning something else…

“Are you okay?” Her hem swirled around her knees as she crossed the room to him and lifted a hand to his forehead.

He chuckled and wrapped his fingers around her wrist. So delicate. “Oui.”

She blinked at him, her lips pressed tightly together. He wanted to smooth away the lines, encourage her to relax and talk to him as she usually did.

She’s a little clueless.

You can read more about the anthology and get a bigger excerpt here. You can also purchase the anthology in digital from the TMP website, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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