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If teenage me could see grown-up me, she would kick my ass for being this "girly"! In high school I was a bell bottoms and t-shirt kind of girl, because that’s when bell bottoms came back into style. I also didn’t own dresses, heels, didn’t wax my eyebrows or believe in wearing anything that glittered or showed color.

Oh how much I’ve changed!

Dakota Cassidy and Mandy Roth have tweeted about their fake eyelash wearing and curious me has asked about it. I’ve tried fake lashes before, but with the glue I would end up sealing my eyes shut. Yeah, not a good look. But both of these ladies pointed me toward a type of self-adhesive fake eyelashes. I bought the Andrea Self-Adhesive lashes, which are also supposed to be reusable, but I’ll have to report back on this later.

Sidney wears fake eyelashes.Anyways! Today I decided was the day I would try them. If I like them and if I think I can get used to wearing them, I want to wear them when I go to Romanticon. Along with my hair extensions. Man am I getting high maintenance. Putting them on wasn’t that difficult. I did it in two tries, lining the end of the lash up to the outside of my lid.

The strangest thing is having the thicker lashes framing my vision.I did dust on a little mascara so that my natural lashes and the fakies were a little more uniform and there was less of a distinction between the two.

At the end of the day, my eyes were a little irritated by the lashes. I’m not sure why, if it’s because I wear contacts and the weight of the lashes makes my eyelids work funny or what. I don’t think fake eyelashes are an all day accessory for me, but I really like them for something like a party or special event.

I’m told that the brand of lashes I bought are also reusable. I’ve stored them back in the packaging they came in and will give the rewear a try on Thursday when I go off to a thing after work.

And that’s my fake eyelashes experience.

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  1. Alice Janell says:

    Yea. I’m so going to send you the fun fake eyelashes they sell out here. You’ll love them. Criss-crossy patterns, some with sparkles….yep. I’m sending you a mini makeup bag full. <3
    Alice Janell recently posted..ROW80My Profile

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