OMG I’m teaching!

 I haven’t mentioned this because I wanted to wait until I had something to show people and I finally do!

At Author’s After Dark, one of Savvy Author’s lovely organizers stopped and chatted me up about doing a workshop or class or something for them. We bounced ideas around for a while and settled on something I think is fairly timely, considering the current trends in writing and what readers have been wanting.

January 23rd I’ll be chatting on their site about, So you think you want to write BDSM?

Here’s the official chat blurb:

BDSM fiction isn’t new. But with the prominence of a number of books lately, more and more people are interested in writing on the kink side. From light bondage to rigid power exchange even tip toeing into the head-space of pain puppies, more and more people are wanting to dip their toes into this leather and fishnet world. How does one get started? How do you decide if it’s for you? Where do you research this stuff? Come chat with Sidney Bristol about how she made the decision to start writing BDSM.

Register for this free chat today!

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