New Author Picture!

Sidney author pic 01Dear Reader,

I’ve kind of rolled this out in a few places all ready, but I’m making it official. I have a new author picture. It’s current. It looks like me. And most of all, I like it!

The old author picture was taken in 2009 by a great friend of mine, but it’s old and doesn’t really capture who I am as a writer. It’s a great picture. I still love it because that dress rocks and I love the whole outfit. But I’m not smiling, my hair doesn’t look like that anymore and I’ve lost some weight. It’s me of a few years ago, afraid to smile, not as sassy. I’ve needed something new and a bit more "me" for a while.

Sidney Bristol 03While at the Lady Gaga show Jennifer Long and I both sat for pictures in one of the booths. I wound up with this gem.

Okay, so it’s not a perfect image. There are bags under my eye, I’m looking too far right, my nails aren’t painted and you don’t get the full outfit. But it’s me and it’s fun. So why not go with it?

I am! And with full permissions, so that’s good.

I’ll probably do another professional photo session when I get to my goal weight, but for now this is a super fun shot I can use that’s more me.

How’s everyone else’s Monday going?

Sidney Sig

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