A #HealthierMe13 Update!

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A few weeks ago now fellow author Regina Cole and I decided to cheer each other on as we push for a healthier lifestyle in 2013. If you want to see my call to action post, you can check it out here. And here’s Regina’s blog on the challenge as well. We’ve been tweeting about it using the hashtag #HealthierMe13.

Welcome back to another update! Yes, I know I skipped last week, but it was a book release week and I was crazy. Not that the crazy has gotten better this week. I have a book out on Wednesday and I’m probably just as crazy, but a little bit better prepared!

Last week I meant to blog about my pants. You see, I’ve been wearing anywhere from an 18-20. They’ve always been lose, but the honest facts were that I was becoming more comfortable with lose clothing over well fitting. I wasn’t comfortable with my size, much less my clothing. I’ve been aware of the inches I’ve lost, and I’ve started wearing some of my older pants that I never got rid of, but they’re still too big.

Well the other day I was on the way to the mailbox, wearing my best fitting jeans, when they slid completely off my hips, butt and straight down around my thighs!

Yup. I pantsed myself.

Thankfully it was cold so I was wearing a long coat so no one saw anything they didn’t need to, but it underlined the point that I need jeans that fit. I also seem to not have many in this size range so I had to go buy new jeans. which was an interesting experience. I selected the size which I thought would fit best, only for it to be very much way too big! So I went down a size and they fit.

I’m wearing around a 13 in jr’s or a 14 in women’s. Hopefully if all goes well I’ll keep going down, but it’s a big difference from what I was wearing. For one, my butt looks much better in a 13 than the 18s I have been wearing!

As far as my weight loss progress, I’m still a bit stalled. Most of this is going to be a lack of exercise and going off my Jenny Craig food for half the meals of the week. I’m trying to both learn how to cook healthier food as well as make wise eating out choices. I think my eating out choices have been fairly decent as of late. With the exception of the deep fried chicken tender, french fry and gravy basket at 3am the other night. Hey, post concert food is never healthy!

I think I’m okay with the stalling since I haven’t really gained anything either. It’s frustrating to not be dropping anymore, but it’s better than gaining it back, so I’ll take it and just continue to work better.

Tonight I’m cooking again. It’s going to be baked chicken in a cracked pepper marinade, Mexican rice and green beans. Here’s hoping it goes over well!

What’s your latest cooking venture?

Sidney Sig

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