Back on the wagon!

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I’ve kind of fallen off the healthy wagon this last month.

It’s my fault. I got a boyfriend, who I fondly refer to as Jerk Face. I’ve been trying my hardest to write. Stay up to date on social things. And some things, like blogging and sticking to my super strict diet have suffered.

I’m currently sitting at five pounds gained over the last two months, which really stinks. I know a good portion of that is from the excessive gluttony of the Easter weekend, so I’m hoping to drop some by next week’s blog. The truth is that it’s all my fault. It’s easier to get something with the boyfriend than it is to eat my super healthy food. It’s more fun to cook something yummy and impressive for us than it is to keep it trim and healthy.

That said, I have his support getting back on the wagon and giving this whole healthier me stuff another go.

How’s everyone else doing?

Sidney Sig

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