#HealthierMe13 and the Goal Dress

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A few weeks ago now fellow author Regina Cole and I decided to cheer each other on as we push for a healthier lifestyle in 2013. If you want to see my call to action post, you can check it out here. And here’s Regina’s blog on the challenge as well. We’ve been tweeting about it using the hashtag #HealthierMe13.

This last week, on a whim I put on my latest "goal dress" and wound up wearing it to work. It doesn’t fit perfect, but for me it was a pretty awesome day.

You see, about this time last year when they were rolling out the spring clothing and I wasn’t on a diet yet, I saw this really awesome floral print dress. I usually hate floral, but I totally fell in love with it. But the biggest size it came in was a 14. A 14 wouldn’t close over my boobs, much less the rest of me. I put it back on the rack and felt pretty awful about myself. Earlier this fall I was flipping through the sale racks at the same store, and low and behold I found one of the very same dresses on deep discount, like, 75% off!

I tried it on.

It didn’t fit well. I mean, the buttons all fastened, but it wasn’t pretty, and since the dress buttons all the way up, that was kind of a problem. But for the price, and where I was headed I couldn’t pass it up.

That dress has hung in my closet for months. It’s been several weeks since I could fit in it, but the problem remains that my boobs really want to pop out of it. Well, today I cinched my bra in and put a sweater over the dress and fastened the buttons over the bust to hide the straining buttons and I wore it.

I wore a dress that this time last year I didn’t have a hope or a prayer of fitting in.

I feel pretty dang good about myself today.

I called this my "goal dress" because early on in my Jenny Craig program they told me to select an article of clothing I couldn’t fit in and hang it up where I could see it. I picked out a retro, cherry print dress. I’d purchased it online, and every so often you run into a nonrefundable fiasco where you can’t fit in something and you have to keep it. The cherry dress was it. But it wasn’t too small that I couldn’t fit in it. So I hung it up.

A month ago I wore that dress to a dinner and it fits great.

It’s been interesting to try on these items of clothing and see how I’m doing. I’ve recently begun wearing my pre-rapid weight gain pants. I loved these jeans and the line got discontinued and all I have left are these two pairs. They’re a little lose in the waist line but I’ll wear ’em until they fall off me because I love them.

So why am I telling you this?

I think the article of clothing working as a goal is a great idea. If your goal is weight loss or slimming down some, consider it. It could be a helpful motivation tool for your continued success!!

Now I just need to find a new "goal" piece of clothing to fit into.

Sidney Sig

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