First #HealthierMe13 Update!

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Last week fellow author Regina Cole and I decided to cheer each other on as we push for a healthier lifestyle in 2013. If you want to see my call to action post, you can check it out here. And here’s Regina’s blog on the challenge as well. We’ve been tweeting about it using the hashtag #HealthierMe13.

So how was my week?

Weeeelllllllll, I’ve lost weight according to my scale but if I have to be honest, I didn’t eat super well.

What this last week has shown me is that I might have a good handle on what a portion size is when eating out. There have been more opportunities to eat out than usual. The difference isn’t so much in what I’m eating. It’s hard to be "good" when you’re munching on a meat lovers pizza. The difference I think is in how much I’m eating.

I’ve been trying to be more aware of how much of everything I’m eating and what food group it fits in. It’s not always possible, but it’s something I never thought about before. My parents never taught me about portion sizes. They just said, "Eat more vegetables," and left it at that. So where was I supposed to learn the balance of it all? How do you gauge balance?

My trick has been to mentally compare what I’m being served with what I would get from my pre-prepared meals. It’s not the best estimate, but it’s really helped me get a better handle on how much I’m eating.

The one issue I’m having, and I don’t know if it’s due to stress or coming down with something, but I just don’t have an appetite lately. I haven’t been able to eat tons and tons of food in months, but it seems that lately I can eat even less. Not sure what’s going on with that and I’m not crazy about that being the how to my losing weight. It’s nice to have a few pounds off at a time instead of a tiny bit at a time, but if it’s not done the right way it’s not healthy. I’m going to see about trying to work in some more raw fruits and veggies and see if that makes a difference.

So how’s everyone else doing this week? Any suggestions for keeping portion sizes under control?

Sidney Sig

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One thought on “First #HealthierMe13 Update!

  1. Regina Cole says:

    Yay for Sidney!

    I’m glad you’re sticking with it, and it really shows how hard you’re thinking about the “healthy” instead of the “lose weight” aspect! I could do better there, hehe.

    Off to do my post!


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