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Hello again Dear Readers!

For those who know, I’m on the Jenny Craig weight loss program. It works for me. A huge stumbling block on the road to a better health-style is what I eat. The Jenny Craig program has really helped me get a handle on what I’m eating and how much to eat.

Last week, in my getting back on the wagon post, I talked about what I’d gained. By the time I went in for my weigh in on Thursday I’d lost almost 2.5 pounds, which was fantastic, if mostly water weight. Whatever. What was exciting was that despite the gain, my official went loss was almost a pound less than what I’d clocked in on my previous visit two weeks prior. This means that despite the Easter gain, I’m still down overall.

I’ve been pretty good since last week. I have grabbed some fast food and snacked on stuff that’s not really healthy for me, but overall my food choices have been healthy. Fruit over snacks. Cheese sticks over chips. Balanced meals over fast food.

Right now it’s less about the numbers and more about re-establishing my food responsibility. 🙂

How’s everyone else doing this week?

Sidney Sig

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