The Harder He Falls has a cover!


theharderhefalls_msrReady for it?

Are you sure?

The cover department at Ellora’s Cave loves me, that’s what I’ve decided.

No news as far as a release date yet, but you know I’ll be announcing that as soon as I know. But for now, enjoy ogling Quin’s abs. I’m sure Kellie won’t kill you. Much.

For those who might not know, this is the follow up book to Under His Skin, which came out last year as part of the Ellora’s Cave Pricked theme, which was all about tattoos. It really started something! This book focuses on one of the two tattoo shop owners, Kellie. There’s more in store, so stay tuned. I can’t wait to write up the other books. Autumn, Mary and Carly are all ready for their own stories. At least that’s before I get ahold of their lives and make it all super interesting. And by interesting twisting them into knots before finding something long-lasting.

And now, for one more teaser, here’s the book trailer. Ya know, just something to tantalize your brain.

Sidney Sig

6 thoughts on “The Harder He Falls has a cover!

  1. Traci Westling says:

    Oh yes!! That will do nicely!! Nice eye candy! Cannot wait for release date! As mentioned loved loved under his skin & just ordered print copy of UNDER HIS SKIN AT Barnes !! I’ve been wanting something of yours in paper and Barnes guy said its a print on demand.So I guess I wait! Thrilled for you! 🙂 just writing !! Have a great day!!

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