TV is good for knitting.

I find it hard to sit still. Oh, I can sit there fairly still, but my hands are movie. Maybe my feet. But more often than not it’s my hands. This is in part to an OCD tick I have nick named derma. But that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m getting to is that TV has been good for my knitting.

Ages ago when I was still playing roller derby, my derby fiance (think your best friend) gave me a book of roller derby themed knitting projects. It was so cool!

….Except I had no idea how to knit….

I have slowly learned how to knit over the years. I’ve mastered the scarf. I can do fingerless gloves if it’s a simple pattern. I’ve been slowly pushing myself to learn how to do more stuff. It’s been interesting!

gray scarfLately I’ve been taking my evenings completely off from writing and even the internet in favor of vegging out and doing non-writing related things. I know, it’s like I’m talking crazy or something!

I was able to finish up two scarf projects I’ve been messing with for a while. One was a super simple knit and purl scarf in a silvery gray, really soft knit. I probably started this project, oh, I don’t know, months ago, and just never finished it. I fiiinnnaaallllyyyy finished it, and though I want to add some fringe, just because it’s better with fringe.

IMG_20130704_104219For a while now I’ve wanted to do a super stripy scarf, and I did it! This was a nutty project just because in the knitting process all the strings get criss crossed and it’s stinking nuts to get complete. I have no idea what I’m doing with this one. I like the colors, but I so don’t need to keep another knitting project. This one needs to go to someone that’s not me!

lace scarfThen I decided to do a more lace-work type project. It’s a scarf, I know, another one, but the knit was really cool. I’m not sure if the picture really shows it. I did it with a sock yarn that goes from white to gray to charcoal. It’s neat! And another scarf that needs to be a gift, for sure!

IMG_20130815_221048I’ve felt a little braver since the lace scarf turned out so well, so I decided to make a beanie. I’d tried to make a few some years ago, and they were horrible. Just little knitted bowls or sacks that happened to be head shaped. I was nervous when I sat down to knit this super simple pattern, and soooooo very happy when it came out well! At least this one has a built in home. Just so happens I know a person who pretty much collects beanies. He wears them quite well, doesn’t he?

IMG_20130817_172803I was trying to decide what to knit next, and I stumbled across this fingerless glove pattern I was developing. It’s a mix and match of these stitch pattern ideas meets some buttons in a shape that would also wrap really well around the arm. I’m still working the pattern out. My friends have graciously agreed to accept whatever gloves I knit, lol. They’re so kind! I’m actually kicking around the idea of writing the gloves into a current book and making the pattern a book bonus feature. I know not everyone knits, but I’m having so much fun with it!

I’ll be knitting gloves for a while, but here’s hoping all this practice gives me the skills and confidence to move onto something else! Oh, and here’s also a hope that my yarn stash doesn’t try to eat me…

If you’re a fellow yarn enthusiast, I’ve recently rejoined the knitting social site, Ravelry, so if you’re a member — friend me! [profile link]

Sidney Sig

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