I’ve been shopping…

Sooooo, I might have gone shopping lately…

Okay, I did!

Ellora’s Cave RomantiCon is coming up in October, and really, I’d planned on wearing pretty much what I wore last year, with a few additions. I wasn’t going to buy anything specially for the event because it’s not like I don’t have an extensive closet collection of clothing. Well, that was all fine and good until someone said, “Oh, I can’t wait to see what you’ll wear this year!”

Um, I started to sweat a little. Something different?

I shook it off for a while, but then I started thinking about it. I forget that I have lost weight since last year. I see myself as a completely different shape than other people see me.

I’d challenged myself some time ago to get to a point where I felt comfortable wearing a wiggle dress. A few months ago I tried on some at a boutique here, but they didn’t have sizes that I would realistically fit in, but I did realize that I wouldn’t be the size I thought I was. I was smaller.

VooDoo Vixen Dresses smallerThis last month I made two purchases for conference wear that are a completely different silhouette from my full skirts. And I love them!

What’s crazy is that both of these dresses are VooDoo Vixen line, and purchased at different stores.

The stripped rose dress I got on eBay of all places for I’m scared to tell you cheap. Seriously good deal!

The purple leopard print satisfies my desire to own a leopard print dress at last. And I love that it’s a non-natural leopard print. I got that one on sale at the Dallas Pin-Up Boutique!

My luck in getting both of these has been crazy! I still need better shape wear to smooth them out, but I’m super excited to wear them at the conference and feel fabulous and better than ever.

I still plan on making a few small purchases to add to my wardrobe for the conference, but these are by far my two most favorite. I need to figure out exactly how I want to style myself, because OMG more choices!!!!

Sidney Sig

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