Working on RomantiCon SWAG!

I know it’s only August and most people are thinking about sending kids back to school and how to escape the increasing heat–and I’m thinking about Ellora’s Cave RomantiCon in October!! Unless things change, I’m going to be signing Bound with Pearls at the conference, my first BDSM book. It’s Read More

A blog meme!

My critique partner, friend, grammar Nazi, shopping pal and macaron loving pal Jess has tagged me in a blog meme. It seems to be running through my fellow #ROW80 participants, so why shouldn’t I play along? I’m going to use the NaNoWriMo project I started a few days ago, yes, Read More

Jumping tracks.

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I’m determined to do more check-in’s! Last Sunday I did a major recap of everything I’m doing and touched on a lot of stuff I’m juggling. Since I’ve been talking about stuff in two groups, why don’t I start that way? Pen Monkeying. For my sake, here’s my original list Read More

A week of editing.

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Hello lovelies! I started this blog post on Tuesday, and now it’s Sunday. It’s been a week. Since I’ve been so busy and I haven’t done a true, full on ROW80 post since the beginning, I’m going to try to hit it all in this post. First, what is ROW80 Read More

Checking in for me

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  I’m doing a quick ROW80 check in today, simply because it’s pretty much lunch, I’m a little brain dead and I feel like doing something to get the gears running. Since my last check in I’ve attended a convention. Romanticon up in Ohio, hosted by Ellora’s Cave. It was Read More