Working on RomantiCon SWAG!

Keychain FloggersI know it’s only August and most people are thinking about sending kids back to school and how to escape the increasing heat–and I’m thinking about Ellora’s Cave RomantiCon in October!!

Unless things change, I’m going to be signing Bound with Pearls at the conference, my first BDSM book. It’s the one with the beautiful red head on the cover. Anyways, I was thinking — what’s something really cool I could give away?

Or what if I could make something?

I went on the hunt for something kink related and a friend suggested… key chain floggers!

Yup, I’ve been weaving leather and making key chain floggers lately. I spent a whole Saturday vegged out on the couch watching the Shark marathon on SyFy, which I blogged about, and gluing my fingers together making the floggers.

IMG_20130727_172413No lie!

To the right, my fingers are guerrilla glued to pink leather.

By the time I was done with the above batch, my fingers were encrusted with glue. It was pretty funny and a huge mess to clean off.

I will have limited number of these available at the conference, and will be holding around 20 for anyone who chooses to purchase the print version of Bound with Pearls.

These aren’t the only promo items I’m going to have with me. I’m currently redesigning all my trading cards and having buttons designed. I’ll have a limited number of the lip balm from last year, for anyone who wants more.

What swag items do you like receiving from authors at events?

Sidney Sig

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