High Octane Heroes–review round-up!

I have been so slammed with upcoming book projects that I haven’t even peeked at reviews. Typically I’m one of those authors who don’t go looking for reviews. I know I take things too personally when I shouldn’t, people are allowed their oppinions–and I don’t expect everyone to love my Read More

High Octane Heroes is out in the wild!

It’s here! It’s finally here! The anthology has been sighted at a few distributors early, but today it should be available for purchase–everywhere! It contains stories from Delilah Devlin, Sabrina York, Adele Dubois and Christin d’Abo to name a few, as well as a forward written by Maya Banks. It’s Read More

A week of editing.

This entry is part 6 of 14 in the series ROW 80 4th quarter 2012

Hello lovelies! I started this blog post on Tuesday, and now it’s Sunday. It’s been a week. Since I’ve been so busy and I haven’t done a true, full on ROW80 post since the beginning, I’m going to try to hit it all in this post. First, what is ROW80 Read More