High Octane Heroes–review round-up!

High Octane Heroes My Story promo cardI have been so slammed with upcoming book projects that I haven’t even peeked at reviews. Typically I’m one of those authors who don’t go looking for reviews. I know I take things too personally when I shouldn’t, people are allowed their oppinions–and I don’t expect everyone to love my stuff. But I also don’t have to know about it. It evens out. Anyways! I was looking up some review quotes for a promo spot for the High Octane Heroes anthology, and some of the reviews almost made me tear up. I didn’t expect to get any notice amidst so many really amazing stories, but a few reviewers mentioned Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan specifically and, well, it was just touching. Makes me want to reach through the internet and give them a big hug.

Whether in uniform or out, these are men who know how to take charge of a situation. Some of the stories have women needing to be rescued, others the women are going toe to toe with their man, but in every one, the Alpha Male is present and ready to assume command.

–Judith Cauthan of Musings and Ramblings

Delilah Devlin has again brought together a talented group of authors depicting a varied group of men (and a few women) who risk their lives for love….When it came to to-die-for heroes I especially fell for Matt in Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan by Sidney Bristol.  He put his life on the line to save the woman he’s been infatuated with since his teens.  To make his rescue of her even more difficult is the fact that he’s missing a hand and lost his prosthesis while racing to reach her.  His disability was dealt with in a realistic and tasteful way with his feelings of inadequacy believably addressed.  As a disabled person myself I greatly appreciate an unconventional hero and wish this story could’ve been expanded upon.

–Jody of Words of Wisdom

This anthology of contemporary romance stories with an erotic twist provides vignettes that remind us why we love guys in uniform. The delightful combination of various writing styles that focus on different aspects of what makes an alpha male so romantic and heroic provide vivid examples of the various factors which mold these complex men who are driven to serve and protect.

–E of Night Owl Reviews

Really liked Sidney Bristol’s “Once Upon A Time In Mukdahan”, as the hero is an ex-soldier who is an amputee. Even though he manages to get to the heroine and later escape with her, he still sees himself as worthless due to his lost hand– a feeling she emphatically does not share. This is a natural reaction of someone with a disability, but it is rarely shown, and when it is, even less rarely shown in a male protagonist. Really loved the execution of the story. While my disability is different (I refuse to rank or compare them, as they affect everyone individually), I have to say that this warms my heart… Us disabled folks need love, too 🙂

–Goodreads Reviewer

Today, I really want to squeeze a reviewer. You guys rock!

Sidney Sig

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