High Octane Heroes is out in the wild!

It’s here!

It’s finally here!

The anthology has been sighted at a few distributors early, but today it should be available for purchase–everywhere! It contains stories from Delilah Devlin, Sabrina York, Adele Dubois and Christin d’Abo to name a few, as well as a forward written by Maya Banks. It’s jam pack full of high action and sweet loving. Well, maybe not quite sweet, but enthusiastic and passionate, of course!HighOctaneHeroes

Heroes inspire lustful fascination. Worthy of High Octane Hero status, kickass iconic heroes enter danger zones in the name of duty, honor, country, and even love. These rugged men conjure images of hard, chiselled bodies, laser-sharp gazes and stark, camouflaged features.

Get ready for high-octane, smoldering-hot adventures, featuring these “super alpha” heroes and the strong women who wage heated battles for their hearts. In “Beseiged,” a special forces soldier rescues his lover from an embassy takeover. In “The Star,” an American Air Force pilot and a grieving British woman find solace in each other’s arms. A sexy SWAT team leader saves a rookie during a bungled undercover assignment in “Renegade.” And get ready for an undercover cop who flexes more than his “Big Guns.” Set in war-torn regions of the world and in your own neighborhoods, High Octane Heroes delivers passion, danger and heart.

My contribution to the story is Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan, and revisits one of the places I love the most from my time spent in Thailand. When I started thinking about what a high octane type hero had to be, I knew he was a man that could save the day–and rescue the girl, all with one arm tied behind his back.

You can buy the anthology at any of these retailers:

Barnes & NobleAmazonBook DepositoryBooks a MillionKoboIndigoIndie Bound

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