Lyrical Press announces aquisition by Kensington

Dear Reader, This morning has proven quite interesting. So interesting I forgot to eat breakfast until it was almost lunch.Never worry, I’ll make up for it, I’m sure. It was announced this morning that Lyrical Press is now officially acquired by Kensington. The changes are evident from a press release Read More

A Kiss for a Cure is out in the wild!

Hello Dear Readers! Today is the release of A Kiss for a Cure! Woohoo!!! It’s the first venture into a new genre for me, and I’m super excited to partner with Lyrical Press to bring this book to life. I’m celebrating the release day in true pin-up fashion with The Read More

What’s that smell?

It might be me… January is always a tough time for me. Between work, the post-holiday crazy and crashing, it’s no wonder I’ve been so silent for two weeks! Welcome to 2013 peeps! We’ve been here for two weeks, I’m not sure what I’ve accomplished, but there’s a lot coming Read More

Upcoming releases!

  I haven’t done a lot of talking about the upcoming books, and they’re about to catch up with me. So I figured I would do a quick post and recap all the pertinent book info I can talk about right now. There’s always more irons in the fire, but Read More

A Kiss for a Cure has a release date!

  A year ago this NaNoWriMo I wrote this book because I asked myself the question, What if there were sharks in space? Okay, so the book is about a lot more than just sharks in space. There’s romance. Some gift giving. And a big problem for the hero and Read More

Guest Blog: Werewolves and Time Travel by Mae Clair

Hello! I’m delighted to be here today, sharing on Sidney’s blog. I love this time of year when the days are a cornucopia of color with gem-bright leaves, bright sunlight and lengthening shadows. By contrast, the nights are cool and crisp, perfect for snuggling under the covers while the wind Read More

Jumping tracks.

This entry is part 7 of 14 in the series ROW 80 4th quarter 2012

I’m determined to do more check-in’s! Last Sunday I did a major recap of everything I’m doing and touched on a lot of stuff I’m juggling. Since I’ve been talking about stuff in two groups, why don’t I start that way? Pen Monkeying. For my sake, here’s my original list Read More

Kicking off A Round of Words

This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series ROW 80 4th quarter 2012

Today is the day. ROW80 is beginning and it’s been so long since I’ve done this dust has gathered in my hair and I doubt anyone remembers me. That’s okay, I was a different writer then. I’m the kind of person who sets pretty lofty goals, but because of the Read More