A Kiss for a Cure is out in the wild!

Hello Dear Readers!

Today is the release of A Kiss for a Cure! Woohoo!!!

It’s the first venture into a new genre for me, and I’m super excited to partner with Lyrical Press to bring this book to life. I’m celebrating the release day in true pin-up fashion with The Book Tart herself, complete with vlogs and a sing-a-long. Come join us!

akissforacureYou can buy A Kiss for a Cure at the Lyrical Press Store | iTunes | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

What’s a girl to do when her parents gift her with a man for Christmas?

Caught between two kingdoms, Jordan has given up the privileged world of intergalactic court life to become an interstellar biologist researching space sharks. Unexpectedly saddled with a husband from a race who are rumored to be sex fiends, her life is yanked in a direction she doesn’t want.

But Cai isn’t human and he must have the emotional feedback of a mate in order to survive. Charged with protecting Jordan, can he win her heart and keep her safe from harm?

Will they survive the challenges that arise…sexual, emotional and political? Time is ticking away and it’s not on their side.

This book has been brought to you by Sharks — IN SPACE!!!!

You can read an excerpt and watch the video on the book page here.

Sidney Sig

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