Disrupting the Cats

Dear Reader,

Until lately I haven’t had more than one or two people over to my apartment. 2012 was all about writing and focusing on work. I accepted this, and I’ve been really happy with the results. That said, the latter part of 2012 saw a few more people over and I ran into a very awkward problem…

With the way my furniture was set up it was really only comfortable for two people to watch the TV at once. Oopse!

Because of where the cable plug is and the general layout of the apartment I’m limited on how I can set it up unless I want to run cords from one end to the other. But I could move the couches around a bit! I really only slid my big couch over so that it is parallel to the entertainment center and moved the loveseat to the other side and at a right angle so the two pieces form an almost sectional. If a sectional didn’t really connect. Beyond the point!

Anyways, I now have a bit more comfortable seating and a large open space. I’m kind of digging it. If I wanted to, I could probably shop around for a recliner or some sort of chair to finish the seating area, but I’m not convinced that I need it.

The only problem is that the office area is now very contained. I don’t really mind this. The desk now bumps up against the back of the sofa and is it’s own little area.

The biggest problem though?

The cats are freaked out.

Up until now, the large sofa has been Mario’s, and the loveseat Yoshi’s. If someone sat on one or the other, that cat was their snuggle buddy. The other cat might come visit, but ultimately they stayed on their respective sofa’s. As of now, Yoshi is completely avoiding both pieces of furniture and Mario has switched allegiance, claiming the loveseat for his own. It’s super amusing to watch them creep around for a bit before sprawling in the middle of the open space.

If I keep the furniture like this I’ll need to go get some more area rugs to both add color and eliminate some of the possible vomiting areas. I’m thinking I might get another of the green shag rugs and another blue one to keep with the blue and green theme I’ve been going with.

Cats are funny creatures. Maybe tomorrow I’ll move some pillows.

Sidney Sig

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