A week of not a lot.

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#ROW80 is A Round of Words in 80 Days. It’s a quarterly writing challenge where you define your personal goals and blog each week about your progress. It’s made to be flexible and allow for tweaking.

Excuse me while I inject some energy into my veins. This last week has wiped me out on all sides. I totally missed my usual Wednesday update because Tuesday night I got a last minute opportunity to go see Lady Gaga, and heck yes I went! There’s just so much going on, I’ll tackle it

Writing Goals

I posted last week about how everything was mostly promo related, and that’s still true. I have about nine more blogs to churn out before February is a done deal promo wise and my life can move on.

I also wrapped up judging some contest entries for my local RWA chapter. Wish these would have come in at any other time because January is such a tricky month for me. But, it was a fun experience to do some judging.

This weekend has been split between promo stuff for the book release Monday and then edits that are past the due date I set for myself, so falling down a bit there. With any luck I’ll get to write new words this week. At some point.

Health Goals

Last week, fellow author Reggie Cole tweeted about her frustrations and wanting to kick some pounds to the side. I chimed in that we should cheer each other on, and the idea kind of snowballed into, why don’t we do a healthier me challenge? So Reggie and I are officially, doing a very free form Healthier Me in 2013 challenge. There’s more information in this post here. Tune in Tuesday for funny stories of losing my pants.

The biggest thing this last week was that my morning average weight has gone down significantly, which I’m happy about. Right direction!

Social Goals

The 50/50 rule didn’t work out so well this last week for a few reasons. The Lady Gaga concert took up all of Tuesday, I had a swing dancing event planned for Wednesday and then there is the new development in my life to do with a certain twitter person. I’m just not comfortable blogging about my romantic life, because what I say no longer is about just me. But, it’s pretty easy to figure out who I’m talking about and what’s going on there.

screencapJenandIshotLady Gaga was really a great experience. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed her music on the radio and liked her positive messages. Sure, she might be able to couch some things in a more socially acceptable manner, but that’s not who she is. You have to give the woman props for being who she has made herself to be. I went with a great friend of mine, Jennifer Long, who was totally fabulous and the life of the party. I swear, we couldn’t go five feet without someone wanting to get their picture taken with her, and by extension me. We made a game out of it, if someone wanted a picture with us, we snapped one of us with them. I have about twenty pictures of me with people I don’t know at all! And it’s super fun. The concerts itself was really amazing. Lady Gaga really knows how to put on a show. The costume changes alone were staggering. Add in that she dances in all those heels and never falls on her face and I’m a total fan. I don’t even want to speculate on if she’s really singing or lip-synching, because honestly? Who cares. The performance is amazing. It was a hugely positive experience and I’m so grateful to Jennifer for taking me along with her.

Swing dancing was loads of fun too! I’m going to be going back for sure, just probably not every week. I highly suggest finding a local place that does swing dancing lessons/free dance, because it’s loads of fun.

Heart Divider

So this week didn’t quite go like I’d planned. A lot happened. Like, so much I’m still reeling a little. I’d have liked to get a lot more done, but there just wasn’t time for it. This week kicks off February and I know it’s going to be a crazy stressful month, and that was before this last week made it more interesting. My priorities are going to have to change a little, so I’m going to hopefully be less social in general, and instead focus that social time on those really important people in my life. I also need to get some stuff done so I can make a big announcement and get moving on some new words!

Sidney Sig

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  1. Hunter says:

    Hah! Love your post title. Made me think someday I could do one called A week of plot a lot, to complement. More accurately – A week of plot a bit. But anyway, visiting from ROW80, and glad to see that goals wise you are still ticking away. Good luck on that health kick, also.
    Hunter recently posted..#ROW80 Business Hats vs Writing HatsMy Profile

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