A Kiss for a Cure has a cover!


While I was off at Romanticon, I got this little gem in my inbox.

Isn’t it amazing???

I swear, I have The Best luck with covers, and I’m going to horde them all.

This is the cover for my 2013 science-fiction romance, A Kiss for a Cure. It’s already on my Coming Soon page, so this isn’t new information, but I haven’t been able to share much about it. Yet. The cover is hot and sexy, the story is over the top type space opera, and I can’t wait to start writing the next book!

I don’t have a set release date for this, but I’ve heard rumors that it might be out early next year. I’m so excited! This is really my chance to return to the first genre I ever wrote, and I get to do it in an over the top fashion that makes the little kid in me so very happy. It just so happens that I already had the shell for the book trailer, so last night after I ate and cuddled a few kitties, I got this all ready and uploaded. There’s no official blurb — yet — but this will give you a little taste of what is to come.

You can also add it on Goodreads now!


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