Double Standard in Fiction

Seanan_McGuire_6601I’m basically posting this blog to point to one posted by urban fantasy and zombilicious author, Seanan McGuire. The blog post is, Miley Cyrus, “Jolene.” and was posted earlier today. Go read it, and while you’re at it, look at some of her other blogs. She has a lot of really interesting things to say about fiction, the science-fiction community, geekery and random commentary.

Now, all of that said, the blog I pointed to discusses a living demonstration of how the female characters are often the ones pointed at, and said, “She did this or that and it’s her fault!”

It’s interesting because in romance fiction, readers can love the hero, and hate the heroine for reacting toward the hero in less than a fawning manner. I’ve seen a perfectly strong, capable heroine called a frigid bitch because she didn’t open up to a hero who never gave her a reason to open up to him. Anyways, the blog is worth a read, and interesting brain gum for the day.

Sidney Sig

One thought on “Double Standard in Fiction

  1. Sofia Harper says:

    Yeah, we’ve seen this kind of reaction time and time again. The hero can do some pretty despicable things and still hold that moniker. The heroine has unspoken parameters to be acceptable.

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