Punching Holes

I got pierced!!

I’ve been kicking around the idea since finishing the draft of So Inked #3 that I might get a celebratory tattoo or piercing. You see, with the draft done, I’ve reached the halfway point in the production for the So Inked series. For me, it’s a big deal since it’s my first ever series.

I kicked around a few thoughts. Tattoos? I have a list of what I want! Piercings? The list is small.

Honestly, it came down to time and money. I can’t be out of commission right now, so I decided to get my monroe re-done.

“What’s a monroe?” you ask.

A monroe is a piercing that imitates Marilyn Monroe’s iconic mole above her lip. It’s a simple, straight through piercing done with a piece of post jewelry, meaning the side inside my mouth is a flat disc, there’s a post through the lip tissue, and a ball on the end that screws into place.

What’s the piercing process??

Well, after paying and signing a release that you understand what you’re doing, the piercer will get you to swirl some mouth wash, usually some vile Listerine stuff. Once you’re de-germified, they should disinfect the skin around the piercing and let you, or suggest, where the piercing will be and mark it with a dot.

Monroe SmallI always suggest marking the spot and then watch yourself do a few facial expressions so you can visualize where and how the piercing will sit.

Once all that is done, it’s time to get pierced!!!

The most uncomfortable part of this whole process is the forceps. The piercer clamps your lip so they can keep hold of it and pull it away from your face. These end up pinching, poking your gums and being a general pain.

The needle I’ve seen pushed in from outside and inside. Either way, a hollow needle is pushed through your skin, taking a little bit with it, and the jewelry is pushed through after it, and the ball screwed on.

Last night the needle actually fell into my cleavage. Talk about uncomfortable–and funny.

The one bad thing about this is that I sleep on my left side a lot, so for the next week sleeping is going to be rough. For now, I’m also a little swollen and sore, at least until things heal up.

I’m already looking at all the jewelry I’ll be buying after this to trade out the plain, metal ball. It’s so weird catching a glimpse of it when I’m not expecting to!

Sidney Sig

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