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Get Excited Midnight Ink Is Coming 03 smallerTuesday, the authors of the Midnight Ink boxed set and I rolled out the announcement that yes, we’re going to be living it up and partying in the city of New Orleans for New Years! At least in our books.

There are some super cool projects that will be in this boxed set. I got to read a snippet of Carrie Ann Ryan’s story this week and, whew! People are going to love Shep, her hero. There are cameos from other established series. Really, cool stuff!

Figuring out what I was going to do for this project was, well, it was intimidating. These authors are women I admire and of course I want my story to be awesome and cool. Tattoos are right up my alley, So Inked anyone?

But I didn’t want to go the route I’ve gone before. I wanted to change it up a bit.

In Midnight Ink I’ll be kicking off my Bayou Bound series.

The Bayou Bound books will be kinky, they’ll have suspense and I’ll be playing in the arena of law enforcement, featuring police officers and bounty hunters primarily. I’m getting this very awesome opportunity to roll a lot of things I’ve enjoyed writing about and researching into one set of books.

I’ll be announcing details both related to the boxed set and the Bayou Bound series closer to the release dates. Midnight Ink should release closer to the holiday season, and if at all possible, the second Bayou Bound book will follow closely. I believe people will want to find out what happens next in the lives of the characters.

Currently, books one and two are titled Picture Her Bound and Duty Bound. They’re both up on Goodreads, so go add them now, as well as Midnight Ink!

Thanks so much to my readers for sticking with me and the lovely ladies who are giving me the kick in my pants to get going on these books! 2014 is going to be awesome.

Sidney Sig

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