Whirlwind attack!

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 #ROW80 is A Round of Words in 80 Days. It’s a quarterly writing challenge where you define your personal goals and blog each week about your progress. It’s made to be flexible and allow for tweaking.

Sometimes opportunity passes you by, and others, it grabs you and yanks you into the current.

This last week I had both happen.

I had a really awesome opportunity come at me, I reached out, but it wasn’t to be. For a lot of reasons it was a physical impossibility to contort my life and schedule into the necessary mold. I hated to see it happen.

Days later, during a seemingly innocent conversation about a really neat thing a friend of mine is putting together, she paused, bat her eyes as she is wont to do when trying to get her way, and asked if I wanted to play in the sandbox with her and the rest of the cool kids. The circumstances are still a contortion act, I really can’t talk about the specifics–yet–but I’m allowing myself to be swept up in the excitement of it all and just make it happen.

As a result, I’ve just about lived writing, books and edits for the last week. I’ve been talking a lot about balance in my life, and I really enjoy being able to do it all, but sometimes you can’t have it all. You have to put priority on things and this is that season. For the Get Excited Midnight Ink Is Coming 03 smallerremainder of the year I will have a crazy work load, to the point of having to not do some things. It’s going to stretch me, put me to the test, but I hope it will be worth it.

On top of this, I’ve made some good progress on my other goals for this #ROW80, as it draws to a close!

My new list of goals:

  • Finish editing So Inked #3
  • Complete the anthology short story
  • Send anthology short story out for edits
  • Finish expansion on Dream Vacation (this would be the short story I got the rights back on)

Monday I jotted the final words and tweaked that last sentence on So Inked #3 and sent it off for a critique. Chances are it will be back in my hands later this week, but for a few blissful days I get to pretend like this baby is flying the nest.

Monday I also submitted another short story. I don’t anticipate hearing back from the editor/publisher until the beginning of next year, but I’m patient.

Dream Vacation is the project that’s suffering. Poor little shortie. If all goes well, it’ll go out early 2014 unless I get a gap to wrap it up. It is very close to being ready to go, but that little jump feels like a mighty leap with so many other things clamoring for my attention.

This next week will be crazy. There’s no way around it. That’s just how it’ll be.

One of the key methods for me to get anything done at all right now is the use of to-do-lists and checking things off as I go. Even things like eating and showers go on the list, because when you’re really hooked sometimes you forget those things. Yes, that’s where I’m at! The process can be different for everyone, this is just what’s working for me.

I also didn’t realize that #ROW80 was ending this week. Sad! But I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do with my first and only goal of the round. I’m happy with my progress. 🙂

Sidney Sig

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