Welcome to the Winter Realm: How Zombies Stole Christmas by ME!

How Zombies Stole ChristmasHi-ya Readers!

The last three days have been a wind-up to the release of the Winter Realms stories. So far I’ve introduced Don’t Touchy by Barb Taub, Starry Night by Lea Griffith and Frostbitten by Becca Jameson. And today it’s my turn!

How Zombies Stole Christmas by Sidney Bristol

Every creature in Haven snuggled down in their beds, ready for another Christmas, they liked it a lot. But not everyone in this magical land shares their holiday cheer. . .

Evelina Frost is a woman used to staying in the shadows, but this year Christmas needs a hero, and with Santa away, it’s up to her to save the holiday from ruin.

A figure dressed in white cast a spell and from the frozen land, ghastly zombies appear.

Kameron is a creature out-of-place in the frigid land, but he’s carved out a life, away from his Highland moors and pastures, happy to live alone. Until a woman barges into his life, and awakens urges he hasn’t known in centuries.

“I’ll take their Christmas, their cheer and their hope,” the figure says, as zombies descend on the Snow Palace, ripping the trees and presents from the hearth.

Together, Evelina and Kameron delve into the history of their land, fighting a magical blizzard, ice zombies and an all-consuming lust for each other as magic seeks to create another fairy tale from their lives. They must fight together against the odds and save Christmas, though they might lose their hearts in the bargain.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow you can purchase these lovely stories. The super secret is that you can snag them at a discount on the Taliesin website, so get your bargain shopping on!

Sidney Sig

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