Merry Christmas!!

IMG_20131219_084520Dear Readers,

I’m so sorry my holiday wishes are coming late. I hope every one of you had a very merry holiday, no matter what you chose to celebrate.

My holiday was thrown off kilter by sicknesses and canceled plans this year. You see, every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, my family has congregated at my maternal Grandmother’s house for a festive celebration. It’s mostly a huge meal with a little present exchange. But it’s always happened. I always sneak off halfway through the meal and begin washing dishes, sort of my way of giving back to the family. Well this year, fort he first time, Christmas Eve was canceled. My grandmother was super sick with the flu and just not up to the five-day-cooking-fest the event has become.

I was at a total loss for what to do. I mean, we’ve always had Christmas with Grandma…

After a flurry of, “What do we do?” phone calls, I made the decision to get up early on Christmas Eve and make a big pot of chicken noodle soup. I used a new-to-me recipe and crossed my fingers it came out well! I loaded up a big bowl and took it to my grandmother’s house. Turns out she hadn’t eaten anything in a few days and my soup went over very well. It was nice to see her, though I only stayed for maybe half an hour. She just wanted to be left alone–and I can’t say I blamed her!

Since we were still at odds with what else to do, a game night with friends was in order. I mean, what other way should childless adults ring in Christmas? I did miss doing the Santa Watch with my younger cousins at Grandma’s, but it was better this way.

Christmas day was more par the course, spent with my family. I really love giving gifts, and every year people tell me I spent too much. Well, since I start shopping in October, yeah, I do go a little overboard, but it’s what makes Christmas so much fun for me. The afternoon was spent playing card and board games received as presents. I do believe I’m getting into gaming, at least different board and card games. I think that deserves a post all on its own!

Today Christmas is over and it’s back to work. There are books to get sent out and words to write!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Sidney Sig

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