Review Round-up: How Zombies Stole Christmas

How Zombies Stole ChristmasDear Readers,

I should have done this weeks ago, but with the holidays and a revolving door of illnesses going on, some things fell through the cracks. Sorry guys! But here it is, the review round up for How Zombies Stole Christmas.

The book was action packed, just like I like it. The story went by very quick and was really a page turner. There were several plot points that really took me by surprise in a great way. I know Christmas just passed, but I think this book would be an awesome read any time of year.

Fictional Candy

How Zombies Stole Christmas is an unexpected and amazing story! Leave all your expectations of zombies and Santa Clause at the door please!

4.5 Bullets – Booked and Loaded

Far more than a fairy tale with erotic elements, or a romance, or even a Christmas tale, this was a fun ride from start to happy ending: with enough twists, humor, action and heat to engage readers.

5 Stars–The Jeep Diva

The Book Tart

Sidney Sig

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