Hot Tango: Review Recap

hottango_msrIt’s time for a review round-up! What are people saying about Hot Tango??

I instantly feel in love with these characters.  They were so real.  Every woman who reads this story I am sure can relate to Tanya in one facet or another.  Her desire to be successful in life, apprehension about discussing her most inner desires and fear of rejection from her partner are honest concerns of all women.   Cole, and most men, wants to be able to take care of his wife, house and be successful in his work.  Yeah…sounds like most married couple! It just takes one to act on a hidden desire to break down the walls of communication and allow to romance to heat up. Sidney did a fantastic job incorporating real characters dealing with real issues and then dump super sexy alpha SWAT on top….great chemistry for sure!

RomFan Review–5 Chests

Overall I enjoyed watching this couple explore and find their way back to each other.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the series brings.

The Smutty Kitty–3 Licks

I was totally caught up in the story and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. The action is adrenalin pumping, the passion sizzles and the drama grabs the emotions making a well balanced and entertaining story.

The Jeep Diva–Five Stars

For those Nook readers, I’m aware there’s been an issue with the book going up. They’re working on it and hope to have it up soon. I’ll post as soon as I know it’s live!

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