What have I been doing?

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Dear Readers,

I’m so sorry to have been this silent. It’s not intentional, believe me. I’ve been hard at work to provide excellent books for you all in 2014 and beyond.

January was unexpectedly harsh between having flu, strep and the flu back to back–then having to go on a long work trip. Both of those left me pretty behind on my projects–but I might be back on track. Maybe. If all the other super crazy stuff going on doesn’t hijack my life. There’s some seriously cool stuff to share coming up, but not yet. I don’t have permission and until then, I’m keeping my trap closed!

hottango_msrBut what else have I been up to?

Well, getting Hot Tango out, for one. It’s always stressful to release a new book, especially when it’s the first in a new series. The initial feedback has been positive about the book, so I’m going to call it a success and look forward to the next book, Line of Duty, which is in edits as we speak. I seriously still love this book and it continues to make me laugh when I re-read bits of it.

Picture Her Bound smallishI’ve also been hard at work finishing up the rough draft on the next Bayou Bound book. Picture Her Bound will release in February as a stand-alone and I really want to give readers the next story as soon as humanly possible. I’ll be doing a cover reveal for Duty Bound, the next book, at the Love & Lies Facebook party. I think this has been one of the biggest attention sucks on my plate. There’s so much pressure that comes with putting out a book via self publishing. You are the person who has to make sure the product is good. Needless to say, I’ve been waking up at odd hours of the night thinking about this project.

The other big thing on my plate has been edits for the book I wrote for Loveswept, Committed. I received edits for that book and they were very thorough, which was awesome but daunting. I can’t wait for people to enjoy that book as much as I do.

February 2014 RS Love and Lies Badge 01Besides writing–which I pretty much do all the time–I’ve been knitting and trying to stay warm. Texas has been very confused as of late and has some odd idea that it’s no longer a southern state that should be warm. It actually snowed yesterday. Big, fat flakes of powder, when we normally get ice pellets or slush falling from the sky that immediately turns to ice. It’s pretty, but we’re totally unprepared for this kind of weather!

I’ve also taken up various board and card games as a non-writing past time, but I think I’ll blog about that later.

Momentary PSA–please join me on Sunday for a Romantic Suspense party with six other awesome authors, a chance for prizes and cool stuff!!

There’s much in store for us this year, readers. Stay tuned!!


Sidney Sig

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